Body to Body

Touches that get under the skin. The masseuse massages body-to-body with full physical effort, erotically gliding with warm oil over your whole body, coupled with erotic tension, which finally dissolves through the climax with the hand.

The erotic body-to-body massage is a full-body massage with tender, sensual touches, the increasing tension is released by a massage in the intimate area at the end.
Massage is used in many cultures for healing purposes. Massages can offer you an oasis of relaxation in the stressful everyday life. Mechanical influence on the tissue (skin, muscles, connective tissue) through stretching, pulling and pressure stimuli also has an effect on internal organs via reflex arcs. Cell metabolism is stimulated, the supply of oxygen to the tissue is improved, blood pressure drops.

Permanent rental + masseuse = price:

60 min.

90 min.

120 min.