Facial Massage

Head / Face Massage

Since it is necessary to be able to let go in order to rise to the highest heights, this additional massage technique is a good addition to any body-to-body massage. It enhances and intensifies the massage experience by allowing you to sink even deeper into relaxation. A gentle massage of the scalp and neck relieves tension, helps with headaches and calms the psyche. Facial massage includes the sophisticated techniques used to bring body and mind into harmony. At the same time it is a preparation to build deep erotic tension.
Tension can accumulate in the head-neck-shoulder area, which can be soothed and released through the juicy techniques of circling, pulling and stroking. The gentle holding of the head and strokes of the neck slowly release the tension and the pleasant feeling of relaxation spreads from the head to the neck to the shoulders throughout the body.

Permanent rental + masseuse = price:

60 min.

90 min.

120 min.